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Hands and Feet

Express Manicure

For a high shine in a short time.


duration 30 mins                                                                          £22.00

With Jessica GELeration                                                            £33.00

Prescriptive Manicure

Like a facial for your hands, this treatment combines a gentle hand massage with a professional manicure. 


duration 45 mins                                                                          £33.00

With Jessica GELeration                                                            £48.00

Express Pedicure

In this quick fix refreshes and revives your feet and includes a nail paint.


duration 45mins                                                                            £33.00

With Jessica GELeration                                                             £38.00

Prescriptive Pedicure

Focusing on problem areas, this treatment leaves your feet soft and smooth and includes a nail paint.


duration 60min                                                                              £40.00

With Jessica GELeration                                                             £48.00

Jessica GELeration  removal

2-3 weeksof wearwith strength and protection of a gel coating, no chipping or fading.

Removal                                                                               £10.00

Nail extensions Leicester

In Chair Service

A variety of treatments can be carried out whilst you are waiting for  your colour to process, often available at a moments notice. Ask your stylist today for availability & make the most of your time in the salon.

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