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Our top 5 Tips for growing your hair!

So you have decided you would like to sport a cute 'updo' this Summer?

or perhaps you have been literally growing your hair for years and seem to be stuck at shoulder length?

Read our top 5 tips for growing your hair:

1. Ironically getting your hair cut regularly helps!

Ok so it won't make your hair GROW faster, but cutting your hair will prevent split ends travelling further up your hair shaft, meaning you would have wispy frizzy ends and ultimately end up having more cut off than if you had a regular cut. If you suffer with split ends we recommend an application of Pureology Strength Cure SPLIT END SALVE says Sue Davis. Split End Salve is a leave in treatment, which can be applied before styling, to the ends of your hair and is part of the Pureology Strength range, containing Keravis, Ceramide and Arginine to help heal the micro scarred cuticle. Call us if you would like to see how Pureology can repair you hair.

2. Careful with that towel!

When you have wet hair, please don't rub your hair dry to within an inch of its life. Your hair has lots of layers of cuticle that lay flat when the hair is in good condition. However when you rub your hair with a towel, the cuticle can get disturbed and left open or worse... broken off. This can weaken hair, making it break easily and leave it looking dull. Simply wrap your hair gently in a turban until you are ready to style it, and then squeeze and dab if necessary.

3. Use the right tools.

Ok so you see the stylists in the salon combing your hair when its wet... Please 'don't try this at home' (excuse the drama) we carefully section your hair and comb hair in a specific manner, when you hair is wet, try to use a brush with soft flexible bristles, 'Tangle Teasers' are a winner as the won't snag your hair, or any brush where the bristles move easily when touched. If your brush is too rigid, like a vent brush or a comb when you brush your hair and reach a knot, the hair simply snaps. Treat your hair like silk, particularly if you have it lightened at all and perhaps consider using a leave in spray to help fix your hair and detangle prior to brushing. We love the Perfect for Platinum MIRACLE FILLER to ease combability which leaves hair upto 78% stronger after a SINGLE application!

4. Use a progessional grade hair treatment.

For the latest technology in haircare, visit a reputable hair salon. Repeat after us NOT ALL SHAMPOO'S ARE THE SAME. If they were, trust me I wouldn't have dozens of different bottles open at our shampoo area, say Sue. Not all damaged hair needs moisture too, in fact, it can have an adverse affect on your hair if you use the wrong product. Call in to our salon in Blaby say Sue Davis, we are happy to give you a complimentary consultation, the products we swear by are Redken and Pureology.

5. Careful with that 'Pony'

Always use a covered hairband when creating a ponytail, or even better use a clip or grips, and try to vary the position where you fasten your hair, as it can create tension on your hair and scalp and can even create a form of alopecia (hair loss) in extreme cases. Also remember, everybody's hair has a different growth cycle which can vary between 0.5cm and 1.5cm per month. If you feel you have been growing your hair for an eternity, and cant get it past your shoulders, or feel it is simply fine and limp as it gets longer, pop in to see us, we have a magic trick up our sleeves! (yes really!)

If you have any further questions regarding your hair, feel free to get in touch using the CONTACT US page. All products are available via MAIL ORDER.

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